Life scenarios

winter fountain

Sally and Johnny went for a walk down the long country road. Her hand in his and his hand in hers. The sun was shining bright as the two made their way towards the creek. Two lanes were well worn from the tractors that had been working all summer making the silt fine as powdered sugar and able to ooze into every crack and crevice it could find, covering shoes so you couldn’t even see the original color. The abundant grasses and weeds miraculously thrived with the occasional rain during the summer and were tickling Sally and Johnny’s ankles. The killdeers felt a need to protect their nests like there was a storm brewing as they scuttled and scurried about protecting those their tiny camouflage colored eggs. The gentle breeze was just enough to softly blow a wisp of Sally’s hair across her face.

STOP – How many of us had idealistic scenarios of how life would unfold and what has it really turned out to be. Are you in the process of creating the life you have imagined, tell me what you see.

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