The Musical Cats night happened as a result of a terrifying act.


2 cats

It was 9:33pm and thankfully both our cats were safely inside, lounging on our bed. There was a horrendous ruckus outside the bedroom window that sounded like howling, yipping and screaming as it finally faded to the distance. It is almost a full moon, maybe that has something to do with the nocturnal escapades. And although they are beautiful creatures, the coyotes are fatal for cats and small dogs in our neighborhood.

Our pets are family. I call them little healing spirits as we often times end up spending more time with them than other humans. I so admire their willingness to give unconditional love. And those looks, with eyes that look deep into your soul with an every trusting, ever faithful, adoration expression.

What terrorized us all, I am not positive. The cat’s reactions were abrupt full attention, fluffed fur and even a hiss or two. For me, my heart was pounding and ached as I listened, not wanting to, but not able to stop. I still have chills at the thought and do not desire to imagine the scenario. I knew there was nothing I could do even if I could have gotten outside and to that area of the yard swiftly.

None of us got much sleep that night. As I awoke almost every hour, I would find a different cat on top of me. They took turns in the rotation. Apparently, my vigilance transferred to them or was it vice versa?

My thoughts wonder – if nature taking its course, can be so traumatizing, how can those that have experienced war even begin to cope? Is this what the nightmares are all about, those thoughts, sights, sounds, smells, and energy?

Animals cope as best they can… as do we.

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