A dream


I don’t usually remember my dreams, but I love when I occasionally do.

My all-time favorite came from my sweet mother who left this earth five years ago.

Mom was almost 94 years old. After an aneurism and quick stay in the hospital, when it was her time, she died quickly with five of us family members at her deathbed as she took her final breathe. At the exact moment, a sunbeam shone on her face, through the portico outside, making its way between the slats of the blinds to the exact perfect position on the bed that was not in the correct spot… or was it?  I am so glad we had each other there to witness or we would not have believed our eyes. In fact, we were all in such shock, it was my sister Susan who finally broke the silence by exclaiming, “Mom, you are freaking me out! How did you do that?”

When she left this earth, I thought I might die as well. I felt so claustrophobic, I couldn’t breathe. My sorrow was palpable and I still long to just be with her physically to this everyday. We were incredibly blessed with her loving spirit and longevity.

Still, wracked with grief, such a deep longing, and despair five weeks later, Mom came to me in my dream. She was walking away from me with her sister, Aunt Vica, who had passed 5 years earlier. They were with a group of people, heading to a gathering. I somehow just knew they were the relatives that had already passed. She put her arm around my Aunt and they turned to look at me. Mom said, “It is good here. I am happy and I want you to be happy”.

I could breathe again.

Photo by Kristina Tripkovic

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