Sometimes you need a little help

electric bike.jpg

I have an electric bicycle. Don’t judge me. Whatever, you can if you want. I found I wasn’t riding near enough for my mental and physical health with my standard bike. We live in a very hilly and populated area. In fact, it is so hilly, that I would not get off my hill and go anywhere else. I would just ride the loops on the hilltop so I didn’t have to come back up the hills to come home. And, I am not one to load up my bike and go somewhere very often just to get some quick exercise. Actually, part of that is because I did not have an easy access bike rack either. It also helps to find a going-out-of-business bicycle shop sale too. On with my story.

Since the last of the snow (I hope) for this season has now left, I am on a mission to actually use my new bike. Yesterday, I took to the slopes (as they seem).  About a mile in, Mr. Fit calls out, “on your left”. I acknowledged his polite gesture and raised my personal bar from gawking at the beautiful views to actually expending some energy here. I geared down as I powered up to take the upcoming hill. Low and behold, I was overtaking Mr. Speed Racer! I courteously call out, “on your left”, to which Mr. Lean Muscle Mass cries out, “Seriously? Do you have a motor on that thing”? I proudly reply, “Yes, I do, and I am really happy about it”. After a few more turns and a long flat stretch, I hear, “on your left”, -again! Mr. Color-coordinated does concede that electric bikes really are a marvelous invention. On my next overtake, I share that I aspire to be as fit as him so I won’t need my battery in the future. Mr. Not-going-to-let-her-show-me-up-again now flies by in anticipation of the next hill. I just power up and gear down for my smooth sailing traverse. On my last approach before our course took us different directions, this time I called out, “Right behind you”. His reply? “Incredible. Oh, my fragile male ego”.

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