Day Trippin’


double bobOut with a BMW, Ducati, Harley, Honda, Susuki and Yamaha. We are a diverse group. I don’t care what you ride, you are out there getting your senses involved like no other experience, and kudo’s to you!

When I first met my sweetheart, I wondered why he rode motorcycles so much. After quickly recognizing his attitude adjustment when he returned, I started suggesting that maybe he should take a ride more often. You see when one rides, they need to be fully present and not thinking about everything else going on, or at least this should be the case, or one can easily end up dead.

Soon Christopher started taking me on the back of his motorcycle and I loved it so much I would request to go for motorcycle rides. His encouragement for me was to take the motorcycle safety course to see if I might want to ride on my own. Apparently, he didn’t always want to go for a ride. I did take the course and I did want to ride! I bought my own and then upgraded and have actually owned a number of motorcycles since then, only one at a time though. The freedom on a bike and the mastery of riding is unparalleled.  That must be why they are so popular to those who try the adventure.

Here’s to getting your mind right and the love of the outdoors.

This pic came off my camera this way. We thought there was only one green-shirted Bob with us. See…trippin’.

I highly recommend California Superbike School because being smooth helps you stay alive and go faster!
My favorite local motorcycle dealers in the Portland, Oregon area are Bob Lanphier’s Beaverton Motorcycles and MotoCorsa.

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