Idyllic Living

Idyllic living

That sounds so idyllic. Moving to the country, the fresh air, living off the land, no traffic, fewer taxes, etc.

My observation is yes, less air pollution but not always so sweet smelling if there are animals or some neighbors in the vicinity. You never know who might be spraying what, or watering brown liquid somewhere.

Growing a garden and animals is hard work. We were never able to take family vacations when I was growing up because the cows needed tending and the garden needed watering and the fields needed harvesting, and, and, and. It could have been those were excuses, but I think not. I never knew what being bored was. There is always, always stuff to do when you have stuff that needs doing.

Traffic jams are just different in rural areas. Animals can get out and be on the road, tractors and farm equipment occasionally need to move on public right of ways and if you are far enough out of the city, the commute distance can be considerable, thus creating its own logistical nightmare at times.

My conclusion thus far for every desire to have it all… there are trade-offs and I wouldn’t trade my world wherever I am.

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