You opened my letter


I remember as a little girl, my Aunt Vica in Kansas and my godmother Joanne would send birthday cards and with money! Some would have animated pictures of balloons or animals, and they all seems so sweet and made me smile. As I got older I understood the value of sending thank you, birthday, congratulations, sympathy and get-well-soon cards.

My mother would regularly write letters with family and friends afar and I so enjoyed reading the one’s she would receive back with news and happenings in other worlds. Now an email seems to suffice.

The last letter I received from my mother was when I was in my early 20’s. It was in response to a letter I sent to her. I poured out my heart on a religious issue that I didn’t think she was hearing me on. She in turn poured out her heart in the most loving response imaginable. I saved that letter from my Mom all these years. When my Mom passed and we as a family were dividing up her personal items, I came across the letter I had sent to her. She saved that letter from me all those years. There were not many personal letters she saved, but she saved that letter. I know it hurt her heart deeply back then. Her heart was so full of love and compassion, that her response to me was gracious, loving and compassionate.

I will be forever blessed and grateful for my Mother.

Photo by Debby Hudson

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