Hearing and Helmets – Being on the other end of hearing loss


Shouting at me does not help me hear you, it is still static I hear.

I have been on the frustrating end of my husband not being able to hear me, of him having to ask the question again or just acknowledge me not knowing what I really said. Yes, he has hearing aids. After an adjustment, he uses them for a little while or when highly motivated to try to hear, but in general, he does not use them. He says they just don’t work well. We have been told if he wore them more and got used to them, they would work better. He tells me they itch and they shut down so it is more like having ear plugs in. And when his ears are plugged from a cold, pollen or having worn his c-pap all night, forget it. He is getting very good at lip-reading however.

Our conversation the other day on our motorcycles went something like this; I know you are saying something, but all I hear is static. What? You can hear me? Ok, if you can hear me, I don’t know if I am hearing more road noise or this noisy muffler or if it is just plain static. I could hear you when we were at home in the house. I could hear you in the driveway. I could even hear you in my helmet when we were at the first stop light. After that, it has just been static. Bad static, the kind that grates like fingernails. Since I can hear you a little sometimes, let’s keep trying. Maybe if I was leading we could hear each other better. Our antennas’ are supposed to be multi-directional so that shouldn’t matter. I want to tell you about a sight, a question for you, a direction we should take. I really want to answer you.. but I just can’t hear you. Yes, this was a one-sided conversation.

What a lesson in frustration in my head. So this is what he lives with. I have a clearer picture and I aspire to be more compassionate as a result.

Photo by NeONBRAND

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