Little Healing Spirits


Samson hugging Lulu

I grew up on a small farm and regularly visit my farming community roots although I now live in a big city. “They,” say that animals don’t remember and do not feel pain to the extent we do, but I don’t believe that.

I have looked into the big black curious eyes of an immense 3000-pound cow. I have looked into the searching eyes of a nine-foot dolphin at sixty feet below the surface in the blue ocean waters and whose fins were wrapped around my husband in a loving embrace. I look into my cat’s gorgeous green eyes and feel him looking into my soul. I see on a regular basis into the eyes of requesting squirrels that stare in my window asking for some breakfast as they watch me inside. This morning I named one Spock because of his pointed ears. I see the bulbous eyes of fish in the pond lazing away. I have been spoken to by a dog or two who will look at me and then the treat bin, then back and me, then the treat bin until I get the message.

My point is, can we connect with animals and in turn treat them differently? Or are we destined to look at them as simply food, or clothing, or a pain to take care of?

I believe animals are healing spirits for us. They have messages to give us, just like all of nature. Who will speak to you today?

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