Communication and expectations

dan-gold-544435-unsplash (1)

Unspoken expectations. Yup, that is what it is. I clearly know in my mind, pillowcases should be folded just so. First in half, then in half again, then in half the last time, but the opposite direction with the open edge being on the outside. This way when I stack them, I can easily see the detailed edge to know which cases match to make up the set. Then the sets are stacked together with all of the edges and seams matching with the king size at the bottom and graduating to the smaller sizes at the top.

Neat, orderly, just right. Now I am NOT known for my preciseness, nor for being OCD, but come on, pillow-cases are one small part of my life that I can control. But should I?

When my husband takes care of the laundry, he does not do laundry the same way I do, nor does he do anything the same way I do, it seems. You know that whole, men from Mars and women from Venus thing? That is BIG in our house. I could give many more instances, like how he makes piles on the floor before doing the wash or how everything goes in the machines even if they should be hand washed (he is much better at this now), but this is only the laundry. There are so many other topics that I end up scratching my head and walking away from, because, really is it worth a battle?

I love my husband dearly and am happy that we do share tasks and sometimes even take care of chores together, you know, like a team.

A motto came from a friend and what we live by it in our house; “you can tell me what to do or you can tell me how to do it, but you can’t tell me both”. Perfect. I don’t have to be attached to any expectations and I can relax. I am just grateful when I am not the only one doing the chores.

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