Spring day perspective


I am not quite sure about this… it is kinda steep, I might fall over or come careening back down at an undisclosed speed and end in a big lump at the bottom and mess up all my pretty markings. Come on! You can do it, dig deep we are almost there. Up, up, just a little more… aw, Ha! Ok, we are at the top, now we can climb further with ease.  Watch for traffic and… go! Go, go! We are good. Upright, moving, although slow, we are making progress. And… it is smooth sailing now. We have time to recover until the next hill. Whee! Feel the breeze caressing us? Man, that sunshine feels good – I love vitamin D. Hear that happy spring chirping and the cah, cah, cah’s The blue sky is absolutely stunning!  You know what is ahead as we go around this next bend… fabulous! The water is just sparkling like diamonds today.  The breathtaking beauty is why we come out, isn’t it? Thank you for the exercise, I just love days like this.

Signed your friend,

Trek the bicycle

p.s. Conquering the driveway is the best part, don’t you think?

photo credit Paul Esch-Laurent

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