A different point of view

joel-mott-1256567-unsplash (1)

What do you smell like?  How do you sound? What do you feel like? What do you see?

Literally, you see… I cannot. Should I hold that against you? The fact that you can see? I may never see things described to me, but I see in a different way. I can hear a voice from years ago and recognize it immediately. I hear markers in your speech and identify what region of the world you are from. I can smell an odor and tell right away safety or danger or if I want to taste a delicacy. I can feel the roughness of someone who works with their hands or the softness of your hair to tell me your age or nutritional intake. I can listen to you and tell if you are a good person by a knowing inside of me.

Can you be still enough to see?

Photo credit: Joel Mott

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