My Angel Mother

Me & Mom 4212011.jpg

My Mom was superhuman to me. I didn’t necessarily think so growing up. She had funny ways of doing things and I felt judged by my friends and like I didn’t quite fit in. Through my long journey of self-discovery called life, I have come to appreciate the genius of my Mom’s being.

Mom kept linoleum floors while carpet was cool. I now am amazed at how clean she kept the farmhouse with seven kids! I see how much work keeping a house clean is with the fur from two cats and the messes my husband and myself make. Things were never dusty at our house. I remember Mom being busy a lot and it is no wonder when she did sit down, she would take a little nap and say she just needed to shut her eyes for a minute.

Mom always made sure the dishes were washed and dried after each meal, of which there were at least three a day. We didn’t have a dishwasher (although our brothers thought that was the job for my sister and me). The sink was spotless and there were always clean plates in the cupboard. Mom grew a garden, preserving fruits and vegetables for later use and shared with neighbors and friends as well. The beautiful array of floral bursts and the sweet-scented air sprinkled summertime with magic. Her flower beds and garden were as immaculate as her house. We were never hungry. Meals were usually made from plants and animals grown on the farm. Mom routinely made baked buns, cinnamon rolls, pies and cakes from scratch.

Mom hung the laundry out to dry on the clothesline – even in winter. Sometimes the clothes were a little stiff and not super soft, but they did last a very long time. She also used her sewing machine to patch holes and mend tears. We didn’t just go buy new if there was a problem with a piece of clothing. We learned how to darn socks and sew on buttons, then advance from there.

Mom grew up in the depression era and the “dust bowl” days until she was fifteen, in Kansas. This I believe spurred her necessity for cleanliness and would wash every vehicle in our barnyard whether it belonged to us or not. Our friends loved this one!

She appreciated conveniences like cars, running water and indoor plumbing. Not only did she appreciate them, but she also used them wisely. I never saw her wasting anything and would find ways to repurpose.  Plastic bags were always washed and reused. Any leftover food would go to the cows or chickens.

There was never time to be bored on the farm. Mom started us with a love of books by reading to us and always encouraging our school work accomplishments. As we became big enough we could help with chores which I thought was just big play because she made it fun and we had the pride of knowing it was taken care of.

These are just a few examples of the love mom had for family, friends and our precious mother earth.  To me, she truly was a superhuman and I am grateful she is still my angel inspiring and watching over me.

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