Little Healing Spirits

  I grew up on a small farm and regularly visit my farming community roots although I now live in a big city. “They,” say that animals don’t remember and do not feel pain to the extent we do, but I don’t believe that. I have looked into the big black curious eyes of an … Continue reading Little Healing Spirits

Recycling can be hazardous to your health

  Last evening, as I was flattening cardboard in my garage in preparation for curbside recycling, I stepped on a piece, that was on a shiny piece, and in a split second, I was flat on my back. After an expletive that emerged as I was on the decline, I had the neighbor’s attention. She … Continue reading Recycling can be hazardous to your health

Hearing and Helmets – Being on the other end of hearing loss

  Shouting at me does not help me hear you, it is still static I hear. I have been on the frustrating end of my husband not being able to hear me, of him having to ask the question again or just acknowledge me not knowing what I really said. Yes, he has hearing aids. … Continue reading Hearing and Helmets – Being on the other end of hearing loss

You opened my letter

    I remember as a little girl, my Aunt Vica in Kansas and my godmother Joanne would send birthday cards -and with money! Some would have animated pictures of balloons or animals, and they all seemed so sweet and made me smile. As I got older I understood the value of sending thank you, … Continue reading You opened my letter

Idyllic Living

  That sounds so idyllic, moving to the country, the fresh air, living off the land, no traffic, fewer taxes, etc. My observation is yes, less air pollution but not always so sweet smelling if there are animals or some neighbors in the vicinity. You never know who might be spraying what, or watering brown … Continue reading Idyllic Living

Day Trippin’

Out with a BMW, Ducati, Harley, Honda, Susuki and Yamaha. We are a diverse group. I don’t care what you ride, you are out there getting your senses involved like no other experience, and kudo’s to you! When I first met my sweetheart, I wondered why he rode motorcycles so much. After quickly recognizing his … Continue reading Day Trippin’

Moonlight, Starlight

  Moonlight Starlight, hope to see the witch tonight. Moonlight, starlight, hope to see the witch tonight. How fondly I remember the hot summer evenings laden with the settling aromas of golden, full-bodied, yeasty wheat chaff, the rich green and so sweet corn with vibrant splashes of silky tinsel, the musky, burgundy clover fields. Every … Continue reading Moonlight, Starlight

7 habits of compassionate people

  7 habits of compassionate people Meditate Listen Move Imagine Forgive Learn Reach out Do I even want to be compassionate? What if I just want to be a stinker and stew in my own juices? Why do others have to act that way? Why do they have to do that? What if? What if … Continue reading 7 habits of compassionate people

Don’t Mother Me

  Do you remember you need to take a left on Dodge Street? Do you realize you need to be in the left lane? Do you know your turn is in a couple of blocks? Well, I didn’t want to say you were missing your turn because you always get mad at me if I … Continue reading Don’t Mother Me