PTSD – Walking on Eggshells by Mary Tendall

Although it’s not ‘contagious,’ PTSD can affect everyone around a person who has PTSD. This ‘Secondary PTSD’ can become a vicious cycle for all concerned. By Mary Tendall and Jan Fishler Secondary Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD: (Not a defined mental disorder within the DSM-IV) occurs when a person has an indirect exposure to risk … Continue reading PTSD – Walking on Eggshells by Mary Tendall

Seeing Literally

A reflection seems to capture not only an image, but what is deeper, what surrounds an image and may be so much more. If I could really see you, I wonder what I might find. What wounds haunt you, what joys lift you, what dreams entice you? That is the you I want to see.