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Optavia health

Lifelong Transformation one healthy habit at a time.

As an Independent Health Coach, I am here to help you with your goals and dreams. We have been so blessed to have been given our health again, thus our lives and feel it is a privilege to be able to give back and pay it forward. 10 years we were struggling. Christopher had been in an accident and was already on the diabetic path. Three months later I developed breast cancer. We had lost hope physically, emotionally and financially. Now, we have our health and so much more! We are able to structure our lives around what matters most to us by guiding others to what they want in their lives too! We want that for everyone. We are here for you! 

Schmidlin Angus Farms


From Cowpies to Treetops. 

My sister Susan writes the most interesting and entertaining stories from the farm. 

Susan is one of my biggest inspirations.

Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness

 What future can you create with the choice you make today?

Destroying the walls teleclass

On sale until November 18

Do Terra Essential Oils


Oils, supplements, diffusers and more! I offer these because of their quality and effectiveness. Some of my favorites are DigestZen after eating, Copaiba for sleep, Breathe for sinuses and On Guard to stay healthy.

Chicks Connect

Chicks Connect

Chicks Connect is a creative mastermind support network that I am proud to be associated with for a long time. Check out my link to try free for 30 days. There is a wealth of information here.

Brand New Vegan

Brand New Vegan

Author Chuck has been instrumental in helping me get blog.  And, his site makes my mouth water as his recipes are so good!

Who's Caring for the Caregiver

Taking care of yourself while caring for others. Some fantastic resources!

Into the Light


Photography adventures.